Prevent UTI's

Learn how to prevent a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) with Egyptian Red

UTI is an infection of the urethra and bladder or kidneys. If the infection is found in the urethra and bladder, it is referred to as lower urinary tract infection. In the kidneys it is called an upper urinary tract infection. This system is usually sterile, but when not emptied regularly or completely from the bladder, urine can stagnate and grow bacteria. Bacteria can also be introduced into the system through the urethra. This is the most common cause of UTI's. If a UTI is not treated, it can reach the kidneys. Kidney infections are not only very painful, but can be life threatening. The kidneys remove toxins from the blood and flush them out with excess fluids. This is essentially urine.

Conventional treatment measures for UTIs generally involve the use of antimicrobial preparations and antiseptics. These control measures, however, are faced with a serious handicap of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is a fundamental issue that drug companies the world over are facing. The situation is no different in the case of UTIs wherein the disease is caused by a common bacteria Escherechia coli, commonly found in the gut of all advanced living beings. Typically, with microbes fast gaining resistance as a result of biological reorganization of the genome, are hence able to survive over long periods of time and increase the severity of the disease. Given that the only available treatments today are antibiotics, there has been little hope with regard to treatment of UTIs. The challenge has been to find suitable alternatives and think outside of the box to help overcome the issues associated with the treatment of UTIs via natural means.

In an attempt to address the challenge in the most unique manner, Egyptian Red (premium hibiscus sabdariffa) has the capability to protect against the effects of UTIs.

Researchers believe that Egyptian Red removes the toxic elements by urinary excretion and this is largely possible by weakening the most common microbial strains Escherechia coli and Candida albicans by possibly acting on an important component of the biological machinery in bacteria. A parallel study on the microbial preservation efficiency of hibiscus sabdariffa revealed that there was significant reduction in microbial contamination and microbial preservation. Egyptian Red offers a natural option against conventional antibiotics. Beyond keeping the area clean,avoid dehydration. An adult should drink about eight glasses of water each day, and urinate frequently. Frequent urination can flush bacteria out of the urethra and avoid stagnation of urine in the bladder. People with disabilities can be more at risk of UTI’s because they may be unable to empty the bladder. In addition, the use of external and internal catheters will create a entry point for bacteria. Drinking one cup of Egyptian Red each day can reduce the frequency of UTI’s and help relieve the symtoms associated with UTI’s. Drinking a cup of Egyptian Red twice a day can dramatically increase the acidity of your urine, which will deter and even kill the bacteria that causes UTI's. Prevent infection by reducing or eradicating the bacteria in the urinary tract.