Egyptian Reds ability to cool the body is well documented by many civilizations along the centuries, this benefit is associated with its diuretic properties and  the ability to replace electrolytes and essecial vitamins and minerals. Along with this significantly beneficial substance, Egyptian Red is known to have anti-inflammatory and mild anti-bacterial properties. Because of its cooling effect, it is used as a supplement ,especially in reducing the discomfort of fevers, coughs and colds.


A study in Japan conclusively proved the anti-oxidant contained in Hibiscus Karkade helped to remove the free radicals, which have been indicted to cause many types of cancer especially the Colorectal one.

Egyptian Red is know also for its capacity to prevent bladder and kidneys infections.

A parallel study on the microbial preservation efficiency of Hibiscus Sabdariffa revealed that there was significant reduction in microbial contamination and microbial preservation. Hibiscus Karkade help removing the toxic elements by urinary excretion by weakening the most common microbial strains and acting on an important component of the biological machinery in bacteria.